The Valley View

The Valley View is an exciting new concept for CCTV. We want it to be your show. We want to bring the questions, ideas and interests that you have to TV. If you are active, if you are interested, bring us your ideas to share.
We explore anything and question everything!

Think about some of the things that are important to you. Have we solved some of the problems from the past or are they still there?

Art, entertainment: is there an art scene in Salem? Tell us about it. Is there enough of a social scene in Salem, or do you have ideas of how to expand it? We want to bring your ideas out in the open so we can have a lively conversation and explore all sides of the issue.

What is poverty? Do we have poverty in Salem? Is education doing what it should, or is there a better way to educate? How is the recession affecting you? Are you unemployed? You can give us your opinions on a subject.

What is the Willamette Valley lifestyle? Is it just knowing how to wear rain clothes? Maybe you should be on the show and share your ideas with the rest of the Valley.

Maybe you are interested in land use. How is the tax structure in this state working for you? Send us a message. This show is about the interests and concerns of residents of the Mid-Willamette Valley.

Produced by Carol Simila and Kim Braasch
Directed and Edited by Patrick Cassidy
Filmed at CCTV by a GREAT crew, including Nathan Camuso!

Watch The Valley View on CCTV Channel 22.

Sundays 1:30pm

Mondays 9:30am

Thursdays 6pm

Fridays 6:30pm

We want to hear from you! Email Kim or Carol.

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